Excellent Solution For Your Business

ALPHABETIC ® Software Goal is to Help Firms and organizations to achieve their excellence by providing customized e-services solutions.
Our services includes a complete array of organizational tools and support conflict resolution services, making the conversation and control between all units easy and valuable.
We will work with you to build better systems, maximizing your organization’s potential and increasing its productivity by improving relationships, communication, procedures,and systems.
Our bright, dedicated team has extensive education and experience in a spectrum of organizational development, planning, software development, conflict management and resolution services.

How Do We Work

ALPHABETIC ® Software use your OWN Signature and business sense and convert it to systematic and e-solutions action, Simply this is the story that we build our vision based on YOU and we recommend our past experience in both software and business development.
we follow and DEVELOP your business strategies and help our customers to reach the targeted benefits.

Time frame and risk management is essential, This is why we have our own development unit and PMO account manager to keep the scope.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction clarified as the state of mind that customers have about a company and its products or services when their expectations have been met or exceeded; Hence ALPHABEITC has a unique vision in project final touches that translate success to real facts as well link our vision for sales with excellent support and customer care , our management target always to keep normal users happy that comes up to their management and by the end to the level of good recommendation of our products for new sales! As well our customers should feel the growth in their business with our helpful tools so they don’t consider it as expense!

Contact Us

For Product Demonistration Please Contact ALPHABETIC SOFTWARE :

Address: Amman, Jordan
Telephone: +962 6 552 8188
FAX: +962 6 552 8177
E-mail: info@alphabeticjo.com